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Meditation by the Beach

Heal yourself

Embark on a Journey

Choosing Sri Aurobindo Society's Uditam Program is a path to profound well-being. Our health and wellness retreat empowers you to discover your inner potential, harmonize your physical, emotional, and mental facets, and embark on a journey toward resilience and inner peace. With our fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary practices, we offer you integral yoga sessions and tools to lead a more balanced and fulfilling life. If you're eager to prioritize your well-being, the Uditam program is the ideal choice.

Uditam: The Integral Yoga

The Institute of Integral Healing follows Sri Aurobindo's idea, "All Life is Yoga," guiding its mission. This guiding principle distinguishes IIH, shaping every aspect of our operations and differentiating us from traditional yoga classes and wellness facilities.

Meditation at Uditam

Boost Inner Strength

Give yourself a refreshing makeover by expelling toxins and pollutants. Make your inner system more resilient and spread good vibes. Achieve harmony with inner and outer yoga.

Beyond yoga postures

Go Beyond Postures

Discover asanas for specific health concerns like blood pressure, digestion, heart health, and diabetes. Improve the body mind coordination through yogasanas while achieving a balance of physical & emotional health.

Yoga practise at Uditam

Continue: All Life is Yoga

Get your custom plan to continue your unique wellness journey. Monitor the progress & tweak as you go. Join the vibrant Integral Yoga community to get advice & share experiences 

Holistic Practices

Holistics Yoga Practices

Proven age-old practices that nurture a balanced approach to integral health.

Yogasanas & Bandhas: Postures

Refinement of the physical self leads to a deeper well-being. Discover the power of stillness within the body as specific postures that guide you towards that serene experience. Delve into balancing asanas, fortifying not just muscles and joints but also fostering a harmonious synergy between body and mind. Explore the profound link between Yogasanas and Bandhas, elevating not only gut health but also exploring preventive practices.

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Understand Our Practices

Program Date

Jul, 2024

2 Day Program 

Registrations for this batch are closed!

July 12th - July 14th

Registrations for this batch are closed!

2 Day Program 

Venue: Matriniketan, Pondicherry Beach

August 23rd - August 25th

*Only limited seats are available. Book your seat now to get a confirmed entry to the program.

Aug, 2024*

2 Day Program 

Venue: Matriniketan, Pondicherry Beach

August 30th - September 1st

*Only limited seats are available. Book your seat now to get a confirmed entry to the program.

Aug, 2024*

7 Day Program 

Venue: Matriniketan, Pondicherry Beach

September 06th - September 12th

*Only limited seats are available. Book your seat now to get a confirmed entry to the program.

Sept, 2024*

“Though I had an active lifestyle doing Yoga and hitting the gym regularly, developed a nerve condition with numb legs. Integral Yoga was healing to me”

Dr. Shiv M Kumar, Co-Founder, Camp PLC

  • What is the duration of Uditam program?
    It is a 7-day residential program. Participants are expected to be present for the full 7 days in the campus.
  • Where is the program conducted?
    Matriniketan is the heritage building facing the Bay of Bengal in Pondicherry Beach - where Uditam program is conducted. Participants are provided with free boarding and lodging.
  • Is Uditam available online?
    The program is only available in campus at Matriniketan, Pondicherry. It is a full time in person program. No online options available.
  • How frequently Uditam program is conducted?
    If you have missed the current Uditam program session, do not worry. Periodically new batches of the Uditam program are held.
  • What is the fee for the Uditam program?
    Fee for Uditam program depends on the type of accommodation. Please note, the fee paid to the Uditam program is taken as donation to Sri Aurobindo Society, a NGO for the cause of humanity. Fee for Uditam program for 1 person, the fee is INR 50,000 (for Indian citizens) and $ 600 (for Foreign Nationals). For 2 person, the fee is INR 55,000(for Indian citizens) and $ 660 (for Foreign Nationals). For 3 person, the fee is INR 60,000 (for Indian citizens) and $ 720 (for Foreign Nationals).
  • How is the 7-day program structured? What is expected each day?
    The program has an itinerary that you can refer to in the above sections. The days typically follow a routine. As you progress in the 7-day program, individual specific needs will be addressed, as well.

Program Queries & Clarity

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