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Serenity of Matriniketan

Home to The Institute of Integral Healing


Matriniketan is not a building -  it is a Concept. Nestled within the picturesque coastal town of Pondicherry, Matriniketan stands as a testament to history and a haven of wellness. The beautifully restored heritage building, facing the serene ocean, is where the Institute of Integral Healing finds its home. It is brought to life, offering a unique blend of heritage, sustainability, and a healing ambience.  

Your journey to wellness begins here.


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Get all your questions answered

Do we get to stay at Matriniketan? Yes. You do stay in the Matriniketan premises. The facilities are housed in a beautifully restored heritage building that overlooks the sea in Pondicherry. This impressive and sustainable structure features high ceilings, wooden and Spanish floors, and elegant chandeliers, creating the perfect ambience for the center's activities.

Where Is Matriniketan situated? Matriniketan is located in the Pondicherry beach, the southern part of India.

How to reach the Matriniketan? Pondicherry - where Matriniketan is situated is well connected by road, and air. From Pondicherry airport it is 6km away, and can be reached within 15 minutes. The nearest major cities from Pondicherry are Chennai and Bangalore, and both are connected well with national highways.

What is the accommodation like? We have tastefully furnished suites that offer comfortable accommodation. These suites are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with internet - Wi-Fi for your convenience.

What types of accommodations are available? At Matriniketan, we have two types of accommodations: Rooms (double occupancy), which can accommodate 1-2 people, and Suites (triple occupancy), which can accommodate 2 or 3 people. Depending on the program package you choose, one of these accommodations will be provided.

Does the fee paid for Uditam includes stay and food? Yes. Your stay at the Matriniketan premises and nutritious vegetarian food for all days is covered in the fee paid for the full Uditam program.

What kind of food is served during the Uditam Program? Satvic vegetarian food are provided during the program.

What are the local attractions around Matriniketan? Sri Aurobindo Ashram is located within 3 km from Matriniketan. The Pondicherry beach is an attraction as well. The Niramaya program extends through the day for all 7-days, so plan it accordingly.

Where are we located?

Beach Road, Pondicherry, IN

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